Harja pakki MUG -II (4)

Myyntihinta 110,36 €

Besides weeds, the MOSQUITO-II also removes dirt mechanically. Especially the fertile soil in which new weeds can grow.That means you achieve a clean effect that lasts longer, in just one pass.

The motor generates little vibration and noise. The vibration level of the MOSQUITO-II meets the BS EN ISO 5349 standard. And the emission values comply with the latest environmental requirements. So the MOSQUITO-II is virtually nuisance-free.

  • Environmentally friendly, immediate results, usable in all weather conditions
  • Machine and push lever are height-adjustable, for optimal posture
  • Extremely manoeuvrable, for all nooks and crannies
  • Segment brush, readily portable and quick to change
  • Mud flap, no flying dirt
  • Ergonomic handles, no more cramps in your hands
  • Minimum vibrations, protects your body
  • Powerful Honda motor, for years of trouble-free use
  • Fully operable from steerable handle, no need to bend down and everything within reach
  • Brush angle adjustable in 3 directions, for a optimum brushing result




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